Quantum Era Press specializes in independent publishing, including print-on-demand (also known as digital, or POD) as well as traditional independent publishing (offset press), and/or ebook conversions. If you feel your book merits a traditional publisher, maybe even an advance, we offer whatever services or help you need to get your book proposal written and sent to the right publishing house or agent.

We handle softcover as well as hardcover formats. Printing and binding is not done in-house. This we outsource, at the lowest possible cost to you, to one of the US-based reputable and reliable printer/ binder vendors we use. Our vendors also handle fulfillment and warehousing (if you have a quantity of books printed in advance of their being ordered). This saves you having to package and mail books yourself, except as you choose. We can also instruct you on how to set up your author website to be able to sell your books from the website.

All book publishing projects are quoted on an individual basis, depending on the number of pages, cover options, illustrations, copies, size, the price of paper at the time of your printing, and the complement of services you require for your project.


1. If you like, you may set up a free one-hour consultation with our publisher to help you determine the best path for your publishing project.

2. Next, before submitting your project information, on our
CONTACT/Request Estimate page, you need to know for what exactly you would like an estimate. You need to know how many pages, double-spaced, your manuscript is (base on word count, using 250/words per page as good-enough approximation), whether or not you want internal illustrations: how many, color or black and white; whether or not you have a cover illustration or photos Do you want hardcover, softcover, or both? Do you want an ebook version? If you don't know the answers to all the questions,  we can talk further with you based on your original inquiry.

3. Submit "Request Estimate" on the CONTACT/Request Estimate page.

4. Submit your book to QEP. To do this, save your complete and final manuscript in a word processing file. Do not worry about pagination, margins or making it camera-ready. We take care of that for you. Please do not use "hard returns." Just use the line breaks that your word processing program inserts automatically. Also, please do not use page breaks. We take care of that in the process of laying out the book. Do not use one of the MSWord "styles." We take care of the style of your book during the book design process. Finally, modern book typesetting uses one space between sentences, so please stick to these for the best appearance of your printed book.

Send us an electronic copy of your book as well as a printed copy.  If you prefer we make a print-out from your digital file, we'll be happy to do that, but charges apply. Be sure what you send us in print is a COPY; never send your original or only copy of your manuscript. Send printed version to:

Quantum Era Press
846 4th St., Ste. 310
Santa Monica, CA 90403

5. We need from you any cover copy you'd like us to use, or we can write it for you. The same applies to any marketing materials and web text copy.

Along with your manuscript and illustrations, please also include the following:

  • Acknowledgments page text
  • Forward and/or Introduction (if desired)
  • Short summary (100 words)
  • Long description (for website book page)
  • Short author biography (100 words approx.)
  • Long author biography (for author website & online booksellers book page)

We need to receive all of your materials before beginning work on your publishing project.

You may send us your materials via email, CD, or with a drop-box link. We also need any original photos that we'll need to scanned if you do not have hi-res digital images, i.e., at least 300 dpi. If you send electronic versions of your photos/images, they need to be at least 300 dpi resolution.  We will return to you any original photos or images, as you request.

If you use the regular mail, we recommend using a certified mailing service such as FedEx, UPS, or certified mail.

Important! Things to avoid:

  • Do not use forced line breaks in your text. Simply type to the end of the line and let the next line follow below it. For paragraph  breaks, use the "enter" key on your keyboard.

  • Do not use columns in your text. We offer a professional and standard book layout. If you insert columns in your work, you risk corrupting the layout of your book's text.

  • Do not underline text. Where possible, replace underlined text with italicized or bolded text.

  • Do not use footnotes inline. If you need to cite your work, use in-text citations or footnote numbers that refer to endnotes  at the end of chapters or at the end of the entire text/chapter.

  • Do not insert pictures into your manuscript file, but do put a placeholder within the manuscript text, in double brackets, saying where each image or photo is to be placed, and give the photo / image caption and/or photo credit. Submit pictures or  illustrations as a separate file. Be sure all pictures or photos are at least 300 dpi resolution. Please note, you can make a high-res image  into a lower image resolution, but you cannot make a low-res image into a higher resolution image. For example, if your original image is 72 dpi, you cannot change it to 300 dpi. The result will be fuzzy, pixellated. But if your original image is, say, 600 dpi, you can change that to a 300 dpi image and that image will still be sharp.

  • Do not use wingdings, symbolic bullets or characters unavailable within the normal character set (this includes symbols of any  kind). If you want to bullet any part of your text, do so with standard bullets. You can request that we use a special bullet,  wingding or ornament during the layout phase of designing your book, should you choose this option.

  • Do not use any traditional manuscript format (i.e., your name and/or the page number on every page) or any MSWord "style."  When we create your book's layout, that formatting will be done for you. We will send you 2 or 3 design  style options for you to choose from before the final page design is done.