Karen McChrystal, MA, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

Karen McChrystal
Karen McChrystal, MA, has been working with writers and book authors for over twenty years, and helps authors to take their books from draft or manuscript form to high quality print publication. She has been a managing editor and editor-in-chief for various print and online publications, author, editor, and scholar in a wide range of fields, including social sciences, health sciences, spirituality and metaphysics, environmentalism, art and literature. She has a BA in Political Science from Stanford University, and an MA in Clinical Psychology from the Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, Ca.

Sarah Gallwey, Book Coach

Sarah Gallwey, MA, supports writers in developing their manuscripts by helping them identify the essence of their best ideas and their message and assisting them in organizing their material to make their book the best book possible.

Sarah worked with her former husband, Tim Gallwey, to develop and edit the "Inner Game" books. Having also worked as a counselor and certified healing practitioner, she is expert at eliciting each individual's unique perspective. She has a BA in English and an MA in psychology. She has worked as a writing and English teacher and is a consummate wordsmith.

Harry Ohls, Acquisitions Editor

Harry Ohls looks for writers in innovative subject areas and encourages them to develop their ideas and information for books. He has an extensive research background in energy systems, alternative medical healing and wellness protocols, and community networking and sustainable communities.

Ohls served as Director of Quality for Cal Fed Bank for ten years. He helped design many of their quality processes for projects and implemented Cal Fed's software systems. At the NASA Center, JPL, in Pasadena, he monitored the development of several large systems projects, reviewed all project documentation, and managed the writing of on-line procedures manuals.