Book Publishing Services for Independent Authors



At Quantum Era Press, we work closely with you, the author, to tailor our services to your precise book project needs. We take a personal and professional interest in making your book the best book possible and offer all the services you need, under one roof, for whatever your publishing project.  You can choose from our menu of services, from editing, to cover design, to book design, to setting you up with printer & distribution, to consulting on PR, writing marketing materials. You own your copyright, your book, and you keep all the profits, royalties, from book sales. You will receive at least 30% royalties on your print book sales, and up to 70% royalties on your ebook version(s). (If you've been receiving less in royalties from another publishing company, you're paying that company too  much!) Our custom approach to your project is what makes the difference between a mediocre book and a great book that sells.

Whether you want to self-publish or send your book proposal to a traditional publishing house, we can coach you, step-by-step, through the entire publishing process, making easy what might otherwise feel overwhelming or stressful. We will advise you what the best publishing path is for your particular project, whether to use print-on-demand (POD) or offset printing, and/or ebook, how to plan your publishing budget and how to maximize your profit on book sales. For complete list of services, click on  Our Services.

We promote and encourage visionary and forward-looking authors in the fields of health, science, the natural environment, psychology and consciousness, spirituality, and our global community. We are also happy to work with authors of other types of books, including fiction, poetry, memoirs, manuals, et. al. We're based in Santa Monica, CA. Our clients, of course, can be anywhere, since any and all work on your book can be done via the internet.

A book is your ultimate calling card!!

Having a book you’ve published opens doors like no calling card will. If you teach, give workshops or seminars, need new clients, want more credibility in your field, want to appear on TV or radio, then having your own book is indispensable!

Authors are people 
who shape the culture.

Now, more than ever, people with 
new information, new approaches, 
new understanding, 
are needed.

The old world is giving way as old 
systems can no longer 
support humanity 
in a sustainable, uplifting manner.
Be part of the change - write your 
book and get it published!

~Karen McChrystal, MA
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

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